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Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney


We’re experts in criminal law in Dallas and throughout Texas. Board certification is the only way to establish expertise in a particular practice area. According to records kept by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, no criminal defense firm in Dallas has more Board Certified criminal lawyers than us. Anna Summersett, Benson Varghese, Letty Martinez, and Tanya Dohoney are all Board Certified Criminal Specialists.

When your life is flashing before your eyes after an arrest in Dallas County – or you are reeling from an allegation – you need us by your side. The allegation or arrest is just the tip of the iceberg and you need an aggressive defense to stand up to the power of prosecutors. The stakes could not be higher than in criminal cases, which carry significant direct and indirect consequences that can drastically alter your life.

We’ve been down this road before. We know what it takes to be successful. We have a track record for reaching just that – success. Give us a call to find out how we can help.

We have a reputation for relentless, unwavering criminal defense. We’ve defended hundreds of cases that were ultimately dismissed, no-billed, or won at trial.

Benson Varghese Author
Benson Varghese
Board Certified Criminal Lawyer
Christy Jack
Letty Martinez
Board Certified Criminal Lawyer
Tiffany Burks
Anna Summersett
Board Certified Criminal Lawyer
Lisa Herrick
Board Certified Juvenile Lawyer
Dallas DWI Lawyer Steve Baker has had numerous DWI cases in Dallas dismissed
Steve Baker
Senior Associate
Alex Boyd
Mitch Monthie
Audrey Hatcher

The Best

Criminal Defense

Begins with the right attorney

Finding the best criminal defense attorney is a very personal decision and one of the most important decisions you will make. 

It is why we offer free consultations.


Practice Areas

Driving While Intoxicated
We have extensive experience defending every level of intoxication case. From DUI to DWI, these offenses allege an individual operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our Dallas DWI Lawyer will help you navigate the complex legal system, negotiate reduced charges, and potentially prevent license suspension or significant fines.
DWI Defense
Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault allegations can turn your life upside down. We have a track record of successfully defending these cases.
Sexual Assault Defense
Drug Defense
Being charged with drug possession involves having controlled substances without legal authorization. Our Dallas criminal defense attorney can challenge the legality of searches or seizures, negotiate for lesser charges or alternative sentencing, and advocate for their client's rights in court.
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Manufacturing or Delivery of a Controlled Substance
Man/Del: These charges involve the production or distribution of illegal drugs. Our Dallas criminal defense attorney is essential for defending against such charges, as they can question the reliability of evidence, identify potential procedural errors, and argue for reduced penalties or alternative sentencing.
Manufacturing or Delivery
Diversion Programs
Diversion programs offer alternatives to traditional criminal prosecution, such as substance abuse treatment or community service. Our Dallas criminal defense lawyer can help negotiate for their client's admission into these programs, potentially avoiding a criminal record and harsh penalties.
Dallas Criminal Diversion
Federal Criminal Defense
Federal crimes are offenses that violate U.S. federal law, often involving more severe penalties than state crimes. We handle cases in the Dallas Division of the Northern District of Texas. Our federal criminal defense attorneys are experienced in federal cases and provide expert legal representation and challenge evidence.
Federal Criminal Defense
Juvenile Defense
Juvenile crimes involve offenses committed by child age 10 through 16. Our Dallas juvenile defense attorney can advocate for a minor, working to secure rehabilitation-focused outcomes and protect the juvenile's future opportunities.
Juvenile Defense
Possession of Marijuana
Marijuana-related offenses can range from possession to distribution. Our Dallas criminal defense attorney helps clients navigate changing marijuana laws, challenge evidence or testimony, and work towards reduced charges or dismissal.
Marijuana Defense
Theft Defense
Theft is the unlawful taking of someone else's property. Our Dallas criminal defense lawyer can help defendants by analyzing evidence, identifying potential defenses, and arguing for reduced charges or alternative sentencing options.
Theft Defense
Child Sexual Assault
This offense involves sexual contact with a minor. A Dallas sexual assault attorney can challenge the credibility of witnesses, scrutinize the evidence, and ensure the accused's rights are protected, potentially reducing or dismissing charges.
Child Sexual Assault Defense
Assault Bodily Injury
This type of assault involves causing bodily harm to another person. Our Dallas assault attorney can help by analyzing the facts, determining the most effective defense strategies, and advocating for their client in court.
Assault Bodily Injury
Aggravated Assault
Aggravated assault involves the use of a deadly weapon or causing serious bodily injury. Our skilled Dallas criminal defense lawyer can help clients by challenging evidence, presenting alternative explanations, and negotiating for reduced charges.
Aggravated Assault
Online Solicitation of a Minor
This offense involves using electronic communication to engage in sexual conversations or solicit sexual acts from a minor. Our experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney can provide a strong defense, challenging the prosecution's evidence and ensuring your rights are protected.
Online Solicitation of a Minor
Prostitution is an agreement for the exchange of sexual acts for money or other compensation. Our Dallas criminal defense attorney is experienced at mounting a relentless defense to these charges.
Prostitution Defense
Intoxication Manslaughter
Intoxication manslaughter occurs when an intoxicated person causes the death of another person while operating a motor vehicle. We defend these charges and fight to keep this from resulting in a prison sentence.
Intoxication Manslaughter
Improper Relationship
An improper relationship occurs when an educator engages in sexual contact or communication with a student. We have successfully defended educators and school employees.
Improper Relationship
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